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Fixed several critical websocket bugs. 鈥

I鈥檒l remove that in the next update.

Yes I upgraded darkly, it must鈥檝e removed some fonts. I鈥檒l have a fix for that sometime soon.

Ah whoops, fixed now. Messed up my vim macro.

You can read the github issue for more on that.

Use !lemmy@lemmy.ml for general purpose messages.

I鈥檒l actively work against Lemmy and it鈥檚 developers and there isn鈥檛 much projects or organizations that are going to want to associate with Lemmy either.

This coming from someone calling people 鈥渂asement sewage鈥 a few hours ago. Its clear you lack the maturity to be a helpful part of any fediverse project.

Its just a free domain, like .tk or .gq. I鈥檓 just pretty staunch about not paying for a domain name, they add no value whatsoever, and buying them feels like acquiescing to the digital enclosure of the commons.

Of the big social media, FB is the only one I鈥檝e found so far that blocks lemmy. Reddit, twitter, discord all seem to allow lemmy links. Maybe there is a process on FB by which a domain could be delisted from spam. I never venture into that walled garden anyway tho.

In one of your earlier comments, you laughed at the notion of western propaganda. Do you believe that western sources / media are more reputable than others?

Reporting is somewhat done on the back end, but adding reporting to the front end is a bigger issue down the road.

Hrm鈥 I鈥檒l see if I can see what鈥檚 wrong there.

Apologies for Lemmy being down last night.

Our server went down last night, after we received some messages from our provider that someone had uploaded illegal pornographic photos. 鈥

Or even Fractal, which has been around longer than many, still doesn鈥檛 have e2ee.

lipu https://wikipesija.org li pona mute tawa mi! tenpo pini la mi sona ala e lipu ni.

Thanks for making, nheko is my favorite desktop client. I think its the only one with e2ee support too.

This was our fault, turns out we changed a variable name in the API鈥 the lemmur devs are on it.

Lemmy Release v0.11.0 馃コ

Since our last release this month, we鈥檝e had ~60 commits to Lemmy. 鈥

Agree, just let ppl contribute to whichever one they want.

If you want to change the front end, that鈥檚 up to you.

Hrm yep that鈥檚 a bug, probably in lemmy-ui. I鈥檒l add it.

New community announceent: !libgen

A community for the modern day library of alexandria: 鈥

Lemmy Release v0.9.0 馃コ

Lemmy v0.9.0 Release (2021-01-25)

Lemmy v0.8.0 Release (2020-10-16)

:partying face: 鈥