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Doesn’t look like ad-blocking (why would that change a theme?), looks like you’re using one of those darkly type browser plugins.

Lemmy now has private instances, optional registration applications, optional email verification, and temporary bans! These are described in detail below. …


Hrm… I’m not sure. I know we have some federation bugs that should get fixed in the release here next week.

BTW the-federation.info is unmaintained now, here’s a really good alternative: https://lemmy.fediverse.observer/stats

jan lentan’s toki pona course: https://rnd.neocities.org/tokipona/

I also made a public anki deck of all the phrases in those lessons.

I wouldn’t say I’m fluent tho, we’re really lacking in toki pona audio and conversational resources.

ni li ike mute tawa mi kin 😞

ilo Lemi tan pona wile toki e seme? lipu ni?

mi mute li ken ala lukin e lipu ni kepeken toki pona tan ni: toki pona li jo ala e nimi lili (ISO CODE) tawa weblate.

Eng: I’m trying to say we can’t translate this site in toki pona without a language ISO code for weblate.

I don’t know what that is, but anyone is free to package lemmy however they can.

It’ll get added automatically the next time we deploy joinlemmy, which should be soon.


We still have it turned on for this instance, but its no longer hardcoded.

You can only see their replies to lemmy posts / comments.

I find myself using them on pretty much every platform that has them: matrix, masto, discord, etc. …

Mastodon and Pleroma users can:

  • View Lemmy communities, user profiles, posts and comments
  • Follow Lemmy communities to receive new posts and comments
  • Replies (mentions) work in both directions, including notifications

Lemmy users can reply to comments made by masto and pleroma users. Also can private message pleroma users.

Did you update your nginx? https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ansible/blob/main/templates/nginx.conf

I highly recommend moving to lemmy-ansible as it would prevent these types of problems in the future.

Appears to be a mastodon bug not working with all communities.

Today is an exciting day for the Lemmy project. …

Since our last release earlier this month, we’ve had ~30 commits to Lemmy. …

Fixed several critical websocket bugs. …

Since our last release in April, we’ve had ~80 commits to Lemmy. …

Lemmy Release v0.11.3 🥳


Apologies for Lemmy being down last night.

Our server went down last night, after we received some messages from our provider that someone had uploaded illegal pornographic photos. …

Lemmy Release v0.11.0 🥳

Since our last release this month, we’ve had ~60 commits to Lemmy. …

New community announceent: !libgen

A community for the modern day library of alexandria: …

Lemmy Release v0.5.0 - RSS feeds, custom language, url archiving, lots of bugs fixed.

Special thanks to @felix@radical.town for the RSS work! …