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yes you are 100% correct, sorry. I don’t really know of any system administration tutorials for total beginners. We all learned this organically somehow, how to deal with ssh. We were bloody beginners who did stupid mistakes as well in the past, I used to always break my linux installs :D

You already can install Lemmy with yunohost: https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/lemmy_ynh . The app could use some love though.

Sadly this is how hosting these kinds of services works at the moment. There is no way the devs can change this. If it helps you it’s not actually that hard, like @dessalines@lemmy.ml already said there are many step by step tutorials that will be great introductions into the world of system administration.

You were the one interpreting this as an individual thing and not a sub to think about the longevity of populations…

They want affordable housing and stuff like that?

Btw upvoted not showing on feddit.de seems to be resolved with this update! Finally, after a couple of weeks it works again :)

Doesn’t work for me as well. Have already reported this on the matrix channel. Both admins seem to be offline atm.

The slur filter has been removed since this post was made.

It happened to so many people that the american right had to change their mind and be pro vaccine, lmao

I know that’s so weird.

I hope they’ll at least not tolerate crap like

Think vaccines cause autism?

You’ll be easier to ban if you are all in one place :)

Think vaccines cause autism?

top kek how stupid are you

I think lemmy will have to learn to ban these people

posts could be easily shared to mastodon and users on mastodon could follow sublemmies. I can totally see myself follow a few interesting sublemmies!