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If its baseless then why does everyone make such a big deal of it? Just ignore the community and move on.

Iirc thats chapo.chat dropping out because they disabled the statistics endpoint at some time. Also i believe that lemmy.ml was counted twice for a time, when it was renamed from dev.lemmy.ml and redirected to the new domain.

Or maybe they suspect that its really just a figurative panda.

Cool, welcome back :)

Do we really need self upvotes in Lemmy?

I never really thought about the automatic self upvote on Reddit and Lemmy. But after reading this article Dont let me like my own post, i’m wondering if we should just get rid of it. Its not really adding anything, or does it? Plus removing it would slightly si…

You cant follow Lemmy users at this time, only communities.

To fetch comments you need to use eg https://lemmy.ml/comment/92667, not whats linked in the ui. So basically remove the post/123 part.

So you are suggesting that Lemmy should add ugly and unintuitive compatibility hacks for 9 different projects. Thats not going to happen. Our federation docs are here, if anything is unclear I am happy to talk with the respective developers.

No we only tested Pleroma and Mastodon. The API you linked seems completely unrelated to Activitypub though. Below are the docs for Lemmy federation, you can show that to Misskey devs.


Communities have to be Actors, just like Person. There is no problem with ActivityPub or with Lemmy here, as you can see it works just fine between Lemmy instances. Its simply a bug in Mastodon, because it makes webfinger mandatory for some reason (which isnt even part of Activitypub). So you should open an issue in their repo.

Its not a problem in Lemmy, as other Lemmy instances can create threads over federation just fine. The problem is that Mastodon/Pleroma cant send the right data which Lemmy expects. And it doesnt make any sense for us to try and extract 4 fields (url, title, body, community) from the single text field that masto/pleroma send. So you should open issues in their respective repos instead. Below is the json format we expect, most of the fields are optional.


We can stop announcing comments (and maybe edits too). Doesnt make a difference for Lemmy, thats just the backwards compatible interface for Pleroma/Mastodon.

Lemmy has always been a link aggregator/forum, we dont have any plans to change it into something else. Federation with pleroma (and as a side effect, mastodon) was only one milestone of many. If there are problems, they can be solved on the mastodon/pleroma side just as well, maybe better.

Ah yes, you have to permit mastodon instances in the allowlist then.

Its not a question of money, i just have other things to work on. Contributions welcome, although i’m not sure this is a good idea, cause mastodon doesnt even have separate input fields for link/title/body. Best open an issue to discuss it first.

Thats the only way to deliver the comments to Mastodon/Pleroma afaik. If only the post gets boosted, you wont see any comments.

Ah yes, you need to take the url from the instance where the post/comment was originally posted. So for this post, you can fetch it from mastodon by searching “https://lemmy.ml/post/89740”. This needs to be shown somewhere in lemmy-ui.

Maybe in the future. But our funding milestone was federation with Pleroma, so thats done. We dont have any more work in that direction on the roadmap for now.

PSA: Sharing lemmy.ml links on sites where they are blocked

Some websites block lemmy.ml links, for example Facebook as you can see in the screenshot below. …

Statement on Politics of Lemmy.ml

Recently there have been some discussions about the political stances of the Lemmy developers and site admins. To clear up some misconceptions: Lemmy is run by a team of people with different ideologies, including anti-capitalist, communist, anarchist, and others. While @dessalines and I are communi…

Testing for Lemmy Federation Release

After almost a year of hard work implementing ActivityPub support on Lemmy, it is finally done! Anything that works here on dev.lemmy.ml, also works over federation between different instances (with one notable exception, community mods have to be on the same instance as the community for now). …

NLnet funding, and Lemmy v0.7.0 with new image hosting!

Let’s start with the biggest news first: Lemmy is receiving funding from the NLnet foundation! The funding is for a total amount of 45.000 €, which will allow /u/dessalines and me (/u/nutomic ) to work on Lemmy full-time for at least half a year. …

This is an Antifa instance

Just a public service announcement…