Freedom is a synthetic enterprise, not a natural gift.

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Is there a specific reason for you to use the .ml domain? Have you considered changing to something else (.social would be nice since Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, Peertube and BookWyrm official instances use it)?

well, tbh all news outlets will have a political bias, capitalists news will be in favour of capitalism and vice versa.

I created a community to discuss video games as art

Well, I know this may seem like something stupid, since the community over all isn’t that big, but I feel it needs its own space, and if it’s not active I’m okay with it, as long as its there if someone wants to participate…

did anyone catch the reference?

On Steam it appears as if it where only to learn Japanese, are there different versions? It looks really awesome, though, I added it to my wishlist.

Heh, so you use the same host than Lichess, since they were also affected by the fire.

Well, I don’t think that’s the problem, though, anyone could literally use Lenny which is Lemmy without the slur filter, so if people in other instances want to take that route they already can. The important thing that could cause issues with this idea is that A. You need active moderators in all communities who are willing to cooperate in this and B. The instance admins need to want this, too.

What if the filter sends a notification to the communities admins, so then they can read it and decide for themselves if it deserves a ban or not? It would require human moderation but it’s an idea.

Yeah, I understand it and know it’s a patch for a bigger problem but I kind of feel what you say. Once I talked about a book called The F… and their friends between revolutions and it got censored, and in this context is perfectly fine, but if you add an opt-out you will have a lot of people abusing it.

alcohol is a drug? what?! television has lied to me my whole life

Well, I know the community is small but in the best scenario I would like to see different communities for different kind of drugs since you can have totally various conversations about them, and alcohol I think it’s one of the ones where you can go really deep into it and its variations. For example with wine alone you could have a ton of books and material to talk about it.

Lol, don’t worry, I’ll just ban you now, bye!

What if we… create a meme/package manager named alcohol?

Lol, no, just any kind of alcoholic drink.

These are some of the ones I saw with bigger names:

Anarchims seems one of the most active users, it would be nice if they could become an admin and change the name to simply Anarchism because the current name is huge.

Chess has an active admin, so it would be nice to change the name to simply Chess.

[Futurology](] also has a huge name, and it is kind of dead but maybe is interested?

Memes could also use a change of name and is definitively active there.

I created a community for Cookie Clicker

Title, I don’t know if anyone here is into incremental games, but I am so maybe we could help each other out!..

I saw some post were some people said they know how to speak Toki Pona so I decided to create a community!..