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Hello. Golden Boy here, member of the johncena141 P2P release group on

I had a sub here before called /c/linuxgametorrents, but it didn’t work out well since we’re re-uploading games with fixes very often and would need to keep them updated here too.

This sub will be more focused on our projects such as Chad Launcher - alternative to Lutris but doesn’t embrace proprietary platforms and is very customizable, it is bare bones for now, contribution is welcome. Link is tor browser only.

We already have a thriving community on matrix, so this is not really a necessity for us, but we despise Reddit and think that Pirates should definitely not use it. So better than saying to not use Reddit is to give an alternative.

Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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