• user285024385M
    2 months ago

    We’ll make sure to convince our population that even if it’s not great at home, it’s always much worse abroad(, even if surveys show that they’re more happy than us), and our neo-colonialism will do what it can to make us eternally more wealthy than the Global South(, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, …, are exceptions, Israel as well, but nationalism is anti-internationalist), and finance our military to intervene when our covert actions are unsufficient, etc.

    Great, we’ve already banned RT and Tiktok anyway, but that’s because they’re bad guys so that’s normal, making a step towards banning us/‘the good guys’/‘the free&democratic world’ is unacceptable though, sanctions incoming ! https://www.lemonde.fr/en/international/article/2024/05/28/georgia-s-president-salome-zourabichvili-is-the-last-line-of-defense-against-russian-law_6672896_4.html

    Yesterday : YouTube shuts down Iranian Foreign Ministry channel

    In France, they’ve banned the last leftists in public medias a few weeks ago, we only have 1-2 leftist media that are barely read, and we have internet but laws are very quickly progressing, people will vote what they’re being told to(, supposing that they’re not cheating when counting the votes, which wouldn’t really surprise me at this point). Oligarchy completed, capitalists have the same interests :