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Are there any plans to make it possible to browse a remote instance’s community list without going to their site? That would make finding and subscribing to remote communities much more convenient IMO.

Alright. So it’s intended that way. Thanks for clarifying.

This is very good news! Have been looking forward to this for long time already.

But it’s seeming that some things aren’t working right (Maybe it’s transfer problems? New posts seem to be working fine).

For example, here the same post viewed from Lemmygrad:

and from “main” Lemmy:

Apparently the upvotes and some of the comments don’t show up when looking at it from Lemmygrad. This isn’t a single problem in only that post, you can look at !asklemmy@lemmy.ml for some more, or for example this post with no comments and 2 upvotes when viewing from Lemmygrad and 101 upvotes (and 32 downvotes lol) and lots and lots of comments when viewing from “main” Lemmy.


On another note, are there plans to make the search search across instances? At the moment, it seems to not find posts from another instance:

Whoa, did you just turn on the federation? (I’m seeing this from Lemmygrad…)