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Or even Fractal, which has been around longer than many, still doesn鈥檛 have e2ee.

lipu https://wikipesija.org li pona mute tawa mi! tenpo pini la mi sona ala e lipu ni.

Thanks for making, nheko is my favorite desktop client. I think its the only one with e2ee support too.

This was our fault, turns out we changed a variable name in the API鈥 the lemmur devs are on it.

Lemmy Release v0.11.0 馃コ

Since our last release this month, we鈥檝e had ~60 commits to Lemmy. 鈥

Agree, just let ppl contribute to whichever one they want.

If you want to change the front end, that鈥檚 up to you.

Hrm yep that鈥檚 a bug, probably in lemmy-ui. I鈥檒l add it.

Should be good now, sorry about that.

I found a bug with my deploy script, I鈥檓 fixing it now.

I also notice that the docker-compose file still points to the lemmy-ui 0.9.9 - should I build using that version, or should I upgrade my UI image to the 10.0.1?

Sorry, they should be identical. We鈥檒l have this fixed soon. 0.10.0 is the correct version, although sometime within a few hours we鈥檒l do a deploy for 0.10.2 which should have a few more fixes.

The above says, a site with the non-pu words: where can I find this?

lipu li jo e nimi pi pu ala: mi ken lukin e ni lon seme?

ni li pona tawa mi鈥 taso ona li jo e nimi pi ala pu鈥 mi lukin e monsuta.

Most likely because this temporary host is in the US, at least until OVH gets back up.

Pictures should be good now. :crossed fingers: Thanks to @asonix@lemmy.ml for fixing so quickly (that was unrelated to this fire).

Looks like its a bug with our image host pict-rs, and someone uploading a malicious file that crashes it. @IngrownMink4@lemmy.ml . Its unrelated to this server restart.

Seems like a lot of big services got taken down. I wish those OVH admins all the luck in the world, they鈥檙e gonna have a stressful few weeks.

New community announceent: !libgen

A community for the modern day library of alexandria: 鈥

Lemmy Release v0.9.0 馃コ

Lemmy v0.9.0 Release (2021-01-25)

Lemmy v0.8.0 Release (2020-10-16)

:partying face: 鈥

What should be done about community name squatting?

Want to get yall鈥檚 feedback on community squatting. 鈥

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An open chat. Recent comments on the right 鈥>鈥