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i made a PR in git for that!!

Thanks for that work!

An idea. Can you put the Database-password in an extra file? So downloading the docker-compose.yml does not break the database-settings…

I got “all” notifications also a few hours ago… interesting…

ok. now it seems to work. i added your instance to my federation_allow list. will you do it the same back? you have some very interesting communities on you instance, which i joined, so only federation is needed… :)

@Salamander@mander.xyz i added mander.xyz to the allow-federation list.

I tried to follow from my pleroma-account to my lemmy and got a “federation not allowed” error in lemmy logs. so i added it. @nutomic@lemmy.ml and the other developers are working on federation. I hope soon it will work.

Thanks for this information. How can i fetch this comment to my instance? Is it possible? I know, there is a possibility to search for comments… but how do i get the link for the comment, to search for?

I think, it could be a good idea, to add a link-symbol to each comment with the direkt-link-url to this comment. So some forum-software do this, to directlink to comments.

hahahahaha maybe there are also new communists in town… but i don’t think so :D :D :D

New communities on lemmy.schuerz.at


lemmy.schuerz.at is a german-language lemmy with focus on other beautiful topics in live than software or politics…