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I was wondering what had happened, then I read about the OVH fire… I guess it’s a good lesson in being prepared for anything. Glad to see you could get everything back up and running so quick.

Federated social media platforms may always be smaller than the for-profit platforms which use all kinds of tricks to turn people into commodities: tracking users, using targeted advertising, having psychologists on the development team to “gamify” everything, incentivizing people to turn themselves into “content creators” and “influencers”, create and exploit addictive behaviour by having infinite scrolling pages and adjusting content based on “engagement” data.

So Lemmy won’t make you rich - but I think you’re ok with that.

They are responsible though. Anyone who creates technology should consider how it could be used and implement features for safety.

The consequence of not taking a stance to protect the targets of fascist rhetoric and violence is that you quickly get a space dominated by fascists. And the consequence of that is your project needs to be shut down or abandoned.

Take a look around at platforms like Parler, Voat, and Gab for some real world examples. The slur filter is completely justified. The developers should receive community support for recognising and taking on their responsibility.

Sure, I’m happy to do that if it’s needed. If anyone else would like to take on the role of admin for /c/anarchism just speak up.

Amazing work! And I knew about Lemmur, but not the native iOS client Lemmer. I just installed it and it’s working well. Great work @uuttff8

Looks like it went smoothly. Posts also seem to be loading faster for me now.