for creating invidious links

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Good to see a lot of thought went into to this and most of those criteria look right.

A couple comments:

Is the site itself well-known and reputable or obscure and suspicious?

I don’t think well-known and reputable sites should be exempt if they fit the other patterns.

For example, if a fedora enthusiast creates an account that does nothing but post to they should have the same consequence, especially if they don’t participate in the community otherwise.

nor is it against the rules for an organization to have an official account on Lemmy

same as above. organisations should be treated by the same rules as any other user

For me, a grey area would be if someone like logrocket got someone to join the community as an active user and posted logrocket articles as well as contributing to the community with posts to other sites, comments on other posts etc. Not ideal, but hard to say they are breaking the rules.

is blatantly “fake news”

Not a fan of this one because some people’s idea of fake news varies widely and you are stepping on slippery slopes. I understand the intent, and agree but maybe there is a less editorial way to conceive it.

Good work.

This basically right on imo, except for this stance:

If you want to use any of these words, then please stay on one of the many platforms that permit them. Lemmy is not for you, and we don’t want you here.

Zero tolerance for use is fine, but condemning people’s wants is not.

Keep up the good fight either way this place is amazing.

same here. so far so good!

Your board, your rules. My objection remains.

I don’t need convincing on your claim, it’s just that making an authoritative statement on an official sounding community board without citing your source in the post and then exterminating the voice of opposition (a privileged position the other did not share) is pretty tyrannical and I object to tyranny. If I could see the objection, I might ask for citation but that is now moot.

I disagree withh almost all your opinions from this to bringing in corporate tech to lemmy ecosystem, but I support your right to voice your opinion and the onus should be on OP to back up their uncited claim rather than using authority to squelch others.