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Not really. Though I guess maybe if English weren’t your first language it could be confusing.

I could have resurrected the old one I had made. I would have given it to you, lol. I used to run c/pidgin but I didn’t get any traffic or activity so I shut it down, since I’m already moderating lots of spaces.

I had learned about both outages and made a joke that it may have been the same fire. I feel somewhat guilty now, lol.

Valheim is actually kind of like Ark but set in the germanic pagan afterlife. It’s a fresh take on survival crafting and removes many of the grindier parts if the genre.

Rainmeter is the exception, yeah. Rainmeter is fine. But there are a TON of other shady ones.

I was purposefully excluding shady third-party applications that can be used, yes. If you’re already using Windows, you probably shouldn’t be installing more of that bullshit.

The point is that there’s not much to show off there, is there?

“Here, look at my wild and crazy desktop! The taskbar is purple and on the left side! Also I have a cool wallpaper and no icons!”

Wallpaper, icons, taskbar position, interface color, items on taskbar.

That is the entirety of the customization options with Windows 10.

I’d like to say I’m competent in the game but I don’t really understand joseki and couldn’t compete with a real go player. I play on the Kiseido Go Server sometimes but I don’t usually do very well :p

Also thank you! I’ve easily taught more than a hundred people to play go. I used to teach a class regularly at my university’s Japan festival.

I love it too - I’ve actually been teaching westerners Go for seventeen years now - but I’ve done very little playing outside of this context. I’m not very good either :p

c/weiqi, a community for the ancient board game known as go.

I have created a new community as I recently saw there isn’t an existing community for go, the ancient Chinese board game of strategy. …

Hey everyone, if you use Pidgin, the wonderful multi-protocol free and libre instant messaging client, come join me over at c/pidgin.

I feel like Lemmy is moderated to a satisfactory degree. Also, with federation coming, people can simply choose pods they feel suit them better.

I’ve tried Raddle and Saidit and both suck for completely different and unrelated reasons. Raddle is full of wokies who will literally ban you for saying “stupid,” and Saidit is full of nazis talking about “the jewish question” constantly ad nauseam.

It truly is the only good alternative to Reddit. Keep evangelizing!

Good job guys! Lemmy is quickly becoming the best forum out there! Pretty soon it’ll be as big as Mastodon or PeerTube and just part of the Federated FOSS canon.