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What is this bullshit. Please leave our community.

Depending on what level you’re tackling this issue at, I might be guilty of having done this.

The thing is, I recently created “DankMusicFragments”, and I posted there a bunch of times song fragments that I like. That meant my community was ‘trending’, which is true in that there was a lot of activity, but also sort of feels a bit cheap. So I stopped posting.

I may post here and there in the future, but I actually didn’t like that the community was having so much ‘activity’ to appear in the trending section…

Just a consideration to have regarding blogspam: I’d like to be able to post lots of my favorite song fragments, in case other people like them and so that users see that the community is alive. But at the same time, I don’t want to annoy y’all with a community or posts that y’all aren’t really that interested in… Is there a way of making both of those desires (post a lot of my favorite stuff and not annoying y’all) viable simultaneously?