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Cool! Just remember it’s !dragonball@lemmy.ml not c/dragonball Lemmy’s community linking syntax is different ;)

I hoped this release would be called 1.0, oh well we are going with the NewPipe version naming scheme I guess :)

Thank you but I think we are better off posting all gaming releated stuff to !gaming@lemmy.ml, instance isn’t big enough to have dedicated sublemmies to individual games in my opinion.

Announcing Amphibia sublemmy!

I just created !amphibia@lemmy.ml, a sublemmy dedicated to the amazing Disney cartoon. The place to discuss the show and share f-Anne art, theories and memes :D…

I find it quite sad that people are bothered by the political views of others enough to ignore the good things they do for the community. Even if the misconceptions about the political stance of Lemmy devs were to be true I wouldn’t care as Lemmy as a piece of software is good, and admins are quite polite on general discussions. I don’t remember even one political post made by any of them.

Personally I’d prefer to call it 1.0.