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Well that’s about what are discussions :)

Other admins should come and give their opinions on if soferman did break any rules or is there just too many emotions. I would probably unban him, but I’m not admining here so maybe I don’t know something/the full story. He got many downvotes, but I’m not sure why, but it seems that there are people that agree with admin.

Well, I did read that. I don’t agree still with this group topic/theme/name. If you can’t get to a conclusion within a group, you don’t make your own group that agrees with you so you can feel comfortable (and become ignorant).

It’s like laying in bed and not going out because the floor is too hard. It is much better to get in interaction with hard floor than rot in bed. (I know that my metaphors are sometimes bad… I hope this one is not :) )

Hm… I don’t agree with making c/ about one sided news, but I feel that ton of comments and votes casted here are biased. I don’t see anything terrible here… I’m not sure what liberal world news are… but I’m sure a lot of people here feel attacked by this opposite opinion, or world view that OP maybe represents.

Whole above thread doesn’t look like a perfect debate about if such community is right, more like “We are more right than you”.

I think that such c/ could be bad overall, so I’m more or less against it. As my main argument I will just say that world news are world news, and all news/photos links should be there so we all can get a view on an event from as many points of view as possible. I hope OP sees it as I do, or has arguments for this community. I can’t see them. I was trying to look at it like sport related c/, for example like a fanpage for a sports team. But sport is a hobby, what happens in the world and our correct understanding of it is on whole anothet level.

I used there italics to point out my joke, that this comment was irony. I was quite sure that writting such comment on this platform won’t be taken seriously. So I’m sorry for confusing you. Everyone should use the best tool for the job, but ofcourse I’m guided by light of FLOSS in my decisions.

MacOS is the best operating system

OMG! I finally learned how to jump to topic/post from notification! Sadly it didn’t point to specific reply I think…

Hm… I guess one day I may need to use some viagra… Anyway, I was thinking about one or two years. Everything takes time to grow.

I’m really new to lemmy, but I’m really not into having someone with too much power. If someones activity brings downvotes and reports their posts and comments should be much more hidden. If their activity is bombarded by community, only then administrator should step in to judge situation and bring some harder penalty to a user, like limiting comments per day or even deleting account if really downvotes went off the roof. Basing judgement on one person point of view isn’t the way to go (usually, depends on context). If people didn’t liked something, then an outsider (in this situation admin) should step in to give his second opinion, if he agrees with people then harsh penalties are used. If not they still can downvote the hell out of something and have real impact on that matter.