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a good chunk of my posts are to /c/anything or /c/whatever; cross-post them if you think they’d be better elsewhere!

look, it’s a personal website!

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Does it need to be tackled? I mean, I think it’s a good thing about the reddit ecosystem that you have multiple communities dedicated to the same topic but which have different mod policies, say. To the extent that it can devolve into namesquatting, we can always repo the name later.

Maybe we should ask that there be a point of clarification in the sidebar?

It’s never a “fire”, it’s always a “thermal event”

It is planned to make the filter work better with other languages when there’s proper language support. If it can be made to work with more context sensitivity, the devs are open to that – but it’s played a really important role in keeping Lemmy a friendly place just because of the kind of people it’s scared off, so I wouldn’t expect it to be made way more permissive in some way that would be attractive to the grosser parts of the internet.

So as @PP44 is saying, it’s open source. The devs work to make sure that anyone can set it up straightforwardly to run with their own modifications, not just the main version – and that means modifying the slur filter is also supposed to be straightforward, even though it’s not encouraged. There isn’t actual moderation on the whole platform per se, since two instances can federate even if one has no slur filter. There are lots of “points” to federated stuff, though, so the existence of a slur filter works well to help keep Lemmy from attracting the cesspool-types while still enjoying those other benefits.

this is very exciting and I am now having a small crisis about whether I should be self hosting Yet Another Application

shout out to lemmy for not having aggregate comment karma

isn’t the point of a down vote that it’s lower friction than “I will now explain to you why I think this is wrong / bad / off-topic”? like… if your expectation is that people should respond to everything they think is bad, then a. that means that trolls can suck up infinite time/energy and b. why even have down votes

“please leave my party (I have set up a bunch of party supplies by the door you can take to host your own party)” is… not… authoritarian?