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sounds good, although I think 5 votes per the 5 comments necessary is a bit too high (comment get much less traction than posts naturally), but if this would be fine tuned based on user feed back, it should be fine

what are your thoughts on adding an optional time delay (the way reddit does now allow to post until your account is X hours long or something similar)?

better yet, don’t make this rule public and change it from time to time 😉

this was an infiltration plot by windows users all along 😯

no system of rules can ever hope to accommodate and perfectly resolve any possible situation

but resisting fascism online leads to more positive outcome than allowing it

if you spend any bit of time on any far-right or centrist forums you’ll see that irony and sarcasm are very often used to express ideas that a person is not yet fully comfortable with expressing openly, a testing ground of some sort, so in case of backlash they can always backtrack and just say “it’s just a joke”

developing a slur filter that is based on context is much harder than just creating a list of words that are forbidden regardless of context, especially because much of the sarcasm can quite literally be Schrodinger’s sarcasm (a person decides whether it’s a joke or not retrospectively based on the response to it)

it’s pretty much inevitable until an instance pops up that harbours fascists or whatever, all that can be done is to not federate with them, and a little bit of inconvenience to make life harder for them isn’t that big of a sacrifice

https://libgen.fun is another instance, for anyone who also lives in a place that blocked the current main instance ;)

for sure, every drug field is pretty deep and ideally deserves it’s own community, this was just a joke to attract and confront people who think alcohol isn’t a drug 😉

why separate community for alcohol tho? there’s already /c/drugs 🤔

nice, so much new/fixed stuff, a lot of work 🤗

yup, also the account creation day has the edit mark next to it, plus it’s a little incorrect, prettt minor, but still

oh yeah, federation here i come, free internet, fuck proprietary social media


what do you mean?

are you on a quest for libre alternatives, that has finally been completed by finding a replacement for reddit?

this did not age well :)

edit: 3300+ after ~3 hours

that would be a horrible idea (i’m hoping it’s just a weirdly framed joke…)

Lemmy is receiving funding from the NLnet foundation!

While that’s certainly a positive thing, I feel obligated ask about the nature of this funding? Does it carry with it any obligations from Lemmy/leverage for NLnet?

what do you mean by

with restricted abilities?