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What if the intent is not to express “hot” emotions? What if I just want to point someone to a book that happens to use a slur in its title? Or even just a URL to said book (or are URLs with slurs allowed?) Or quote a scottish person?

You assume intent, completely disregarding context. That’s a general problem with superficial slur filters.

I don’t t care what the developers and admins think. I care what they do. And for the most part I think what they do is very, very good.

For the thought police on the other hand, I can’t see what good would come out of what they’re trying to do. Addressing concrete decisions like the slur filter is of course fair game. At least take the time and effort to look into the what and why of actual decisions that have been made before criticizing something.

There’s already !brave@lemmy.ml. Rather dead, but dead communities can be requested over at !community_requests@lemmy.ml

Just the community description is fine, thanks! I think it’s still a bit wordy myself, but I’m not your boss ;) At least now you’re aware of the PSA!

Thank you! And yea I could pick up mod duties for !decentralized@lemmy.ml if you’d like. I’m usually checking what’s new a few times a day.