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There’s no power in the Universe that can make me say the exclamation about the Jebus.

I’ve known about Pidgin for 5 years already - ever since I migrated to Linux. But IDK of any servers - IRC or otherwise with active users, so it’s kinda useless to me. Unless someone here wishes to suggest such servers. I’m mostly interested in these things as a reference point of what servers I’m looking for: Linux (and/or Arch Linux), Supergirl, Atheism, metal (music).

The way the first post was written leaves me with the impression that lemmy.ml and Lemmy are two different things ran by the same person or people. I also saw somewhere on this site the sentence “lemmy.nl is the flagman of the Lemmy network” which also suggest that .ml and Lemmy are two different things.

Can you post a link to your Lemmy? When I ask the Duck about it, it shows me this old guitarrist from UK. I don’t wanna ask Google. When I type “Lemmy net” it shows me an internet company in Germany but nothing with forums.