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I feel the same, letting these kinds in is only going to make Lemmy another Voat or Gab.

The computer does not trick people. The user behind it does. And some users are weirdos.

What an absolute gigachad OP is

Other reddit clones do not have me on their platform, so Lemmy has an advantage!

No free racist ableist sexist speech here, buddy. I can assure you of this, I have been observing Lemmy for a LOOOONG time, among other Fediverse projects and reddit clones.

https://lemmy.ml/post/69058 leaving this here to tell your tale, about how toxic you have been to so many people here

Also this https://lemmy.ml/post/69064

I will be very honest, my funny part of the brain sometimes thinks ml = Marxist Leninist. Please forgive me admins.

This chap believes all people are equal but some people are more equal than others. And if anyone questions them, they will dismiss others with some goal shifting, generalised labelling or ignorant handwaving.

You are trying to throw stones at a wall in hopes of getting bricks to talk.

Imperialist capitalist echo chamber with MBFC “fact checker” as arbiter of truths is the difference.

This comment utterly destroyed and left MBFC credibility limping: https://lemmy.ml/post/68185/comment/57988

Personally I will not even touch this sub with a 100 foot pole. I love critical thinking and educating people. Everyone has freedom though lol

Lol, it helps that I am proactive and remove a lot of spam off c/technology, if there is anything I can help admins with I would be fine with it

I knew something shitty was going on.

IMO there should exist for Lemmy an uptime or a notice site on a separate server, which can tell us atleast what is going on briefly.

I suggest sifting through the images uploaded on the server, if they are not millions, which should not take too long as Lemmy is still not too huge. We can figure out a way to process images automatically for NSFW content in the future.

I really do not think there will be many players here. Most of them are young kids on reddit, for example, and the help resources are mostly defined, Wiki, YouTubers, reddit comment sections and so on.

The subreddit moderators are now APTard cultists and moderators there have been largely hopeless for the past 3 or so years, since Kaminoseigi came in and the TLM fiasco before. Me and my Middle East friends back then decided to make a Discord for MEA and Asia Dokkaners, we have our own tiny GC since then and we are happy one of us got banned from the sub for it.

Crossing 1500 days in 2 weeks, have F2P account and not linked to Google or Facebook or Apple yet still standing with a Transfer Code and 79% blue fusions.

About the most staunch Dragon Ball fan you could meet on the internet. Currently been a 4 year old Dokkan player, watched DBS Broly with KenXyro in theatres and all that.

I summon Shenlong to make this community immortal.

Very solid criteria. I kinda felt the same as k_o_t, but it might have a benefit of new users being quite visible instead of quietly commenting via smaller obscure communities and meeting all requirements without being spotted.

Far better than the kind of ghost trolls that appeared to send death threats to me or use homophobic or xenophobic slurs for many people.

There are a lot of news outlets one needs to be wary of, like Epoch Times as well, which operate as independent instances publicly. Conservative famous sources like Breitbart are also an issue unless they do exclusive reporting.

Fact checkers like MBFC or Snopes have corporate ties and funding of some sorts, so that might be concerning and should be taken as opinion and not cross check reference point.

There are also lately growing sockpuppet opportunists wanting to spread their ideologies or spreading discrimination and racism (targeted mass group or individual stereotype).

Think I went a little off but I think these points are in the ballpark in the grand scheme, to understand how these users do this stuff.

Also upvoting rights could be restricted to having done 5-10 comments.

I was worried what happened to Lemmy. I was unable to access it, and was not able to observe a fallback error either.

Glad the mouse and its whiskers are safe.

Yeah it is all good, thanks for spreading the awareness. I had no idea about the change, since all I am is a Lemmy user, no matter if I am a moderator or how much I am in the privacy scene.