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It’s a fork of Lemmy made for the now defunct /r/ChapoTrapHouse community from Reddit. It does not federate with Lemmy.

Ahh yeah, of course. I’m aware, so idk why I slipped up for this. Thanks for pointing it out.

Just created /c/dragonball for all of Lemmy's Dragon Ball needs.

With the recent developments in the Dragon Ball Super manga and how good it’s getting, I was disappointed with Lemmy’s lack of a Dragon Ball community, so I went ahead and made one! Enjoy (:…

I’m gonna assume free as in beer since !opensourcegames@lemmy.ml already exists.

Respecting the free will of fascists to spread fascist ideas isn’t good - Me, in a comment up above

I think you and I are on the same page

Yup, limiting the freedom of fascists is okay, lest they spread their fascist ideas.

Respecting the free will of fascists to spread fascist ideas isn’t good and should not be done.

And developed by people who hate the fact that you’re alive!

A comment about Lemmy I saw on Reddit. The slur filter really pulls its weight and keeps the bigots out, it was a great idea.

The best source for free ebooks out there (; LibGen is putting me through college

Geez Dessalines how many languages do you know? This has got to be like the fifth or sixth.

The person was spreading rhetoric downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, in the US of all places. I hardly care if they’re censored for dangerous rhetoric like that, especially on a random forum online.

^ This mentality right here is why the US has had so many cases