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I think there will be a certain turning point reached somewhat soon(ish), in which we either have to decide to lock more and more people out or become another reddit.

With increasing popularity other players will also become more and more encouraged to enter the game. And this always leads to rotting of the community as a whole.

But that aside, I enjoy all of the thoughtful and nice replies we currently have.

Feels like they’re on fire lately with their issues.

Wow, this sucks!

I hate when people use good faith projects and do bad stuff with them.

Also quite surprised on how bad the current hosting provider handled the situation.

It just looks like “I dont care what reputation I’ll get, as long as I have fixed the issue that was put onto me”.

No worries,- lemmy is just in its beginnings and I already like it better than reddit (ok, thats not too hard, to be fair).

I just want to chime in and say thank you for handling this topic so well! This is exactly how it should be done in my opinion.

Good job everyone, I’m quite new to lemmy but I’m enjoying it a lot!