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Yeah when I’ll have the means to, I will

At this point I have no interest in debating you so I’ll just say fuck you I’ll run my own instance.

Or I won’t. I don’t care too much.

I guess should not be hard to just change the regex to ^$ so it only matches an empty string… then there is also Lenny

and your mindset is why opensource =/= free sodtware

The software could be used for really bad things.

Open-source software is supposed to serve its user, not your political goals, no matter how holy said political goals are.

It is proof that it doesn’t work. They managed to remove it pretty trivially.

It should be in a config file IMO, so communities can add/remove things based on their needs. There might be a community consisting of black people, for example, who would want to jokingly use the n-word between themselves. Hardcoding it into the code makes it harder to change it for legitimate use-cases. Putting it into a separate file could also help people to customize Lemmy for their language (there are languages where offensive words in English are just ordinary words).

Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to find the regex in the code and patch it out, and that could make a lot of people’s life a lot harder

As much as I hate slurs, and I wouldn’t use them, I don’t like that it is hardcoded and that the site administrator can’t disable the filter (if they can, tell me). I mean if I ever want to change it, I would just patch it out. But it’s an anti-feature and last time I got very angry about Tusky blocking Gab (mind you, I don’t use gab and never will), just based on me being an absolute stallmanite. So I don’t like this one either

Question: is it hardcoded or just active on lemmy.ml? Can it be disabled (by an instance admin)?

It is but hardcoding it isn’t. First of all the server admin should be able to change the regex (preferably without editing the source code) to fit the community’s need.