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I’m sure this has been said quite a lot but damn if this site doesn’t have the cleanest interface I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

It is VERY responsive.

I would enjoy a mobile app though


Try lemmur for android!

this app is the reason i made an account on here

I hope Lemmy will become a Progressive Web App

I hate reddit because of the toxic community. You say something even slightly which people don’t agree with, you’re heavily criticized and downvoted to hell. On top of that, the popular and all page is filled with American news, American stuff, All about USA. As a non American it gets very annoying very soon. I do like some of the communities especially for tech support. Or rather Linux support. I hope Lemmy develops and has great success in future. Good luck guys and thank you!

On top of that, the popular and all page is filled with American news, American stuff, All about USA. As a non American it gets very annoying very soon.

I agree with that, and really hope we can avoid it. Like by having better support for different languages.

I mean, I guess you tried. Nothing says this is an American community more than this :grinning squinting face:

laughs in Antifa being a worldwide ideology

You think Antifa is American?

If you didn’t mean it to be, then it’s probably better to say that this instance is Anti-fascist.

Because Antifa is being used a lot recently regarding a specific political movement in America.

I mean what I said. The first Antifa was founded 100 years ago in Germany, and the name literally means “anti-fascist action”. So if you have a problem with that, this instance is not for you.

That’s not true at all. Antifa has a long history in Europe, these are some groups are associated with the name antifa and they are a lot older than the current Trump namecalling.

Recently joined this platform. The website is extremely responsive and the concept of this platform is amazing. More and more I see the modern web turning into a horrible wasteland of slow websites filled with ads, trackers, and other elements that they shouldn’t need. This platform is not like the those. I am really looking forward to what it will become!


Thanks 👍 I hope it grows too.

This place is comfy :3

I hate it when people here are downvoting things without explaining the reasons for it!


Lemmy Instances can disable downvotes (I added this a while back), but I personally really like downvotes.

FB, twitter, youtube, all either don’t have them, or removed them, with reddit one of the last sites willing to keep a dislike action.

But also, why does a downvote need an explanation, but an upvote doesn’t? If someone doesn’t want to tell you why they like / dislike your comment, they shouldn’t have to.

But also, why does a downvote need an explanation, but an upvote doesn’t?

Because the downvote is for me like criticism. Something is obviously wrong with the thing and i want to know why. I want to learn from it and understand whether i should adapt my behavior or not. And this decision is only possible when i know the reason for every downvote.

Also, because upvotes are harder to explain. Usually there all something like “interesting, hand’t thought about this before”. When you have 20 upvotes, they are probably all very similar.

However, for downvotes it is different. You can downvote things because of:

  • factual errors (for instance when some number is relevant but wrong. -> I want to know which number is wrong and the source.)
  • missing contextual information (article is negative on topic X, but after knowing Y, it is not that negative anymore and understandable. --> I want to know that.)
  • information is correct, but because of bias/stereotypes, the person downvotes. The information in the article explains these things, but the person is too lazy to read that and downvotes before reading. I want to know that so i can ignore the downvote.

etc. So many different reasons to downvote. All of them are important to me.

For me downvotes are a feedback system. So i can differentiate good articles from ones with errors.

If someone doesn’t want to tell you why they like / dislike your comment, they shouldn’t have to.

But what should i do with this feedback? What if its because of bias, stereotypes? and the person is not interested in participating in the debate?

i find something that makes online discussions more fun and less frustrating is to learn to just accept the downvotes… sometimes they make you want to lash out and say, “hey wtf did i say, do you not agree? if not why not!?” but at the end of the day… just relax… they are just internet points… it’s a lot more relaxing to just see the number, and say to yourself… “damn… guess i misstepped on that one somehow… oh well”… and just move on. like the above poster says, no one actually owes you an explanation, after all. just remember that downvotes are part of the game, they are going to happen, and try not to let it get to you.

also, i’ll add, sometimes you want to own those downvotes… sometimes it’s okay to have a dissenting opinion, and you should learn to role with that. “20 downvotes, i hit a nerve I guess, but fuck it I’m right and I’m sticking with what i said.” I feel like going out after a bad-ass comment and asking for downvote explanations just takes away from any solid position you were trying to take.


shout out to lemmy for not having aggregate comment karma


isn’t the point of a down vote that it’s lower friction than “I will now explain to you why I think this is wrong / bad / off-topic”? like… if your expectation is that people should respond to everything they think is bad, then a. that means that trolls can suck up infinite time/energy and b. why even have down votes

What is the bot policy going to be for Lemmy? I happen to really like the Reddit bot system where bots are pretty much users and can participate in any server unless banned. I understand that some Redditors dislike this because of the spam and other problems this can create but I do hope that their will at least be community specific bots.


We’re not going to allow bots, except as a separate concept from users, with restricted abilities.

The other thing, is a lot of bots were made simply because reddit didn’t have any plugin / extension technology, which could be added to lemmy since its an open source project.

what do you mean by

with restricted abilities?

That’s unfortunate. At least on reddit there were a lot of fantastic, community specific bots that wouldn’t make sense as a global plugin. Unless you’re meaning these plugins could be created and managed by individual communities…

imo for every actually good bot there were 10 obnoxious ones. They could be muted sure but I think that generally they were not good. I do think we need some alternative to automoderator, but they said reddit doesn’t have a plugin so if they add something here it could be implemented on a subcommunity by subcommunity basis.

Something like automoderator I wholeheartedly agree should be built in. That said, obnoxious or not, you can do some crazy cool stuff with bots.

Instead of bots just being global and having free reign, perhaps a “whitelist” or “invite bot to community” feature, so only those bots people want could have access.

(Though that said, in the end, nothing stops the determined from manually implementing bots anyway, even in the absence of official support)

That’s a good idea, like marv from the SCP subreddits is a life saver and the video downloader bots on video based subs were great, I think a lot of issues come from bots on reddit basically having free reign like I remember at one point there were 3 bots that would all respond in a chain arguing when anyone said /r/thirdsub which was obnoxious and another that responded when anyone said fortnite and cursed you out for saying it. Having to invite bots would be really nice.


I just wanted to know how tf did you grown the community of Lemmy so fast xD it’s really incredible. Also the software grown so well in one year! I am really impressed!

Did you had this community before?


thanks :thumbs up: I think this community is new.

I’m here from the reddit AMA, I’d wager a lot of other people are as well

I’m also here from the reddit AMA. I’ve bounced around reddit, mastodon, hn, tildes, and some half-baked attempts at reddit alternatives. This one is easily, by a country mile, a much better reddit alternative than anything else out there. In terms of design, the mission, the awesome personal politics of the devs who I 100% support, and the fact that it plugs into a bigger mission of federation, unlike, say, tildes.


Thanks :smiling face with sunglasses: If even a few ppl are happy with it, then we’re doing a good job.

I also joined from the reddit AMA and just learning about fediverse (how have I been a software developer for 15 years and not learned about this thing is beyond me). Looking forward to seeing how this thing develops, it is an amazing idea.

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