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en is a german-language lemmy with focus on other beautiful topics in live than software or politics.

Registration is not open, but contact me, i will allow federation with your instance, so your users can be part of communities on my instance. xmpp, mail: matrix:

I have 2 new communities for railways.

model railway

This one is for model-railways with narrow-gauge 760mm in reality in 1:87 scale, called “H0e”

1:1 railway

And the other one is for the “big railway” in 1:1 scale.

de ist eine deutschsprachige Lemmy-Instanz welche auch andere schöne Themen des Lebens behandelt, abseits von Software oder Politik.

Die Registration ist nicht offen auf meiner Instanz, aber ich richte gerne die Föderation für weitere Instanzen ein. Bitte einfach kontaktieren: xmpp, mail: matrix:

Ich habe 2 neue Communities eingerichtet

Modellbahn, Schmalspur

Hier wird alles um Schmalspur-Modellbahnen behandelt. Maßstam 1:87, Bosnaspur 760mm und Sächsiche Spurweite 750mm ( = 9mm Spurweite im Modell). Vom Bau, Landschaftsgestaltung bis hin zu Elektrik, Digitalisierung. Vorwiegend nutze ich diese Community derzeit zur Dokumentation und für Bautipps für meine derzeit entstehende Modulanlage.

Vorbild-Eisenbahn 1:1

Hier werden Themen der Vorbild-Bahn behandelt. Also die “echte” Eisenbahn

FYI there is a reply from which you wont see from your instance, you have to view the thread on (

I made a change yesterday to avoid this problem, and make the allowlist less strict.



Thanks for this information. How can i fetch this comment to my instance? Is it possible? I know, there is a possibility to search for comments… but how do i get the link for the comment, to search for?

I think, it could be a good idea, to add a link-symbol to each comment with the direkt-link-url to this comment. So some forum-software do this, to directlink to comments.

You need to search for (removing the post/xxx/` part). The direct link to comment is behind the three dot button.

Excellent, thank you!

Hello! I don’t speak much german yet, but I would be happy if you would allow federation with this instance (!

I also noticed that you are federating with and linked to What does this mean? Is there a way for lemmy to communicate with a pleroma instance via activity pub?


I had read “new communists”. I was fine with it, even if an announcement had seemed a little over the top to me

32M i added to the allow-federation list.

I tried to follow from my pleroma-account to my lemmy and got a “federation not allowed” error in lemmy logs. so i added it. and the other developers are working on federation. I hope soon it will work.

22M test, is mentioning working?


ok. now it seems to work. i added your instance to my federation_allow list. will you do it the same back? you have some very interesting communities on you instance, which i joined, so only federation is needed… :)

Interestingly, I got this notification just now! But it does work :-)


I got “all” notifications also a few hours ago… interesting…


deleted by creator


hahahahaha maybe there are also new communists in town… but i don’t think so :D :D :D

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