Since our last release in February, we’ve had ~150 commits to Lemmy. The biggest changes, as we’ll outline below, are a split of Lemmy’s user tables into federated and local tables, necessitating a v3 of Lemmy’s API, federated moderation, i18n support in, and lots of back-end cleanup.

Lemmy Server


  • Rewrote config implementation, finally allowing us to use newer Rust versions.
  • Removed categories.
  • Various refactors.



  • It is now possible to add users from other instances as community mods.
  • Federating Matrix ID.
  • Many changes for better compatibility with ActivityPub standard.


  • Split the user_ into person and local_user tables.
  • Strictly typed commonly used ID columns, to prevent DB errors using i32 as ids.
  • Strictly typed URL fields, thanks to ajyoon.
  • Created default DB forms, now used in all the unit tests.

Lemmy UI

  • Now using utf-8 emojis.
  • Support for all the above changes to Lemmy.
  • Typescript-safe i18n strings, thanks to @shilangyu.
  • Added expandable post text (click on open book icon).
  • Prettier cross-posting, which does smart quoting.
  • Bugfixes for restoring scroll position on post page, custom site favicons, and autocomplete for login fields.

Lemmy Docs

  • Rewrote in inferno isomorphic, added i18n support via weblate.
  • Added a section on the support page thanking contributors.
  • Changed some page urls / titles

Upgrade notes

Important: there are multiple breaking changes:

  • Configuration via environment variables is not supported anymore, you must have all your config in the lemmy.hjson file ( except for LEMMY_CONFIG_LOCATION ).
  • The config format for allowed_instances and blocked_instances has changed, and you need to adjust your config file manually:
    • before: allowed_instances:,
    • now: allowed_instances: ["", ""] , and only one of the allowed_instances or blocked_instances blocks can be set.
  • The API has been upgraded from v2 to v3, so all clients need to be updated: lemmy-js-client: 0.9.9 -> 0.10.0 .

If you’d like to make a DB backup before upgrading, follow this guide.

To upgrade your instance to v0.10.0, simply follow the instructions in the documentation:

Compilation time

v0.9.0 (Rust 1.47) v0.10.0 (Rust 1.47) v0.10.0 (Rust 1.51)
Clean 140s 146s 119s
Incremental 28s 22s 19s

Despite ongoing efforts to speed up compilation, it has actually gotten slower when comparing with the same Rust version. Only thanks to improvements in newer Rust versions has our build process gotten faster. This could be simply because we added more code, while Lemmy v0.9.0 had 22.4k lines of Rust, v0.10.0 has 23.8k (an increase of 6%).

v0.9.0 build graph:

v0.10.0 build graph:

We extracted the crates lemmy_api_crud and lemmy_apub_receive from lemmy_api and lemmy_apub, respectively, and renamed lemmy_structs to lemmy_api_common. In the second graph you can see how parts of the api and apub crates are now built nicely in parallel, speeding up builds on multi-core systems.

On the other hand, some crates have gotten much slower to compile, in particular lemmy_db_queries (6.5s slower), lemmy_apub (6.5s slower if we include lemmy_apub_receive). And lemmy_db_views is quite slow, just as before.

Note for instance admins: if there is any problem in your config and Lemmy fails to load it, it will still try to start with the default config. This doesnt work, and throws a lot of database connection errors, which may hide the original problem. So if you notice this, scroll up to the beginning of the log, and it should show you whats wrong in the config. We are gonna release v0.10.1 soon to fix this.

Aha, thanks. This might explain the gateway errors I experienced when trying to build using the 10.0.0 image.

I also notice that the docker-compose file still points to the lemmy-ui 0.9.9 - should I build using that version, or should I upgrade my UI image to the 10.0.1?

Last thing - if I pull the released lemmy and lemmy-ui tags (10.1.1) from github now and build my images from those, should those work fine? Or are these untested development versions?


I also notice that the docker-compose file still points to the lemmy-ui 0.9.9 - should I build using that version, or should I upgrade my UI image to the 10.0.1?

Sorry, they should be identical. We’ll have this fixed soon. 0.10.0 is the correct version, although sometime within a few hours we’ll do a deploy for 0.10.2 which should have a few more fixes.

Thanks! I installed 0.10.2 successfully.

EDIT: /instances does not show up anymore. It seems to also not be working for


Hrm yep that’s a bug, probably in lemmy-ui. I’ll add it.

Which docker-compose file do you mean? In general you should always use the same version for lemmy and lemmy-ui (or at least the same minor version 0.9 vs 0.10, because there are breaking changes). 0.10.1 is fine to run, but tests are failing, which will be fixed shortly.


I found a bug with my deploy script, I’m fixing it now.

Cool, thanks. I meant the file that is linked in the tutorial on how to update:

I will wait a bit longer for 0.10.2 then.


Should be good now, sorry about that.

Good job everyone, I’m quite new to lemmy but I’m enjoying it a lot!


Exciting! I figured when Lemmur wouldn’t open there must have been some major change

I thought this was going to be v1.0.0, but I forgot how version numbers work :(

GREAT work, thanks a lot. First impression: UI so much leaner and nicer than reddit

I hoped this release would be called 1.0, oh well we are going with the NewPipe version naming scheme I guess :)

shilangyu (lemmur)

I’m pretty sure Lemmy adheres to semver (which is a popular versioning scheme). As the name suggests, versions are “semantic”, so they convey a meaning: the 1.0.0 release will be the one where Lemmy can be called stable, afaik this is still far ahead.

i have a doubt. Say i wish to create a independent site where people can come and post stuffs, create their community, etc… is lemmy right for this?

Yes, thats what its for.

also, if i create a community like that, should i stick with the nav-bar in the footer? Or we can remove it?


If you want to change the front end, that’s up to you.

Ever since the update accessing 404s for me


Its now at v3

You guys should speed up the website.

this isn’t very productive,

I really didn’t intend to be

deleted by creator

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