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Share screenshots of your desktop in a community that <em>doesn’t</em> have a misleading title (and also encompasses more than just Unix and Unix-like operating systems)

It’s also just a good place to post if you don’t really care for the name “Unix Porn.”


Except that showing off your Windows desktop is pretty cringe worthy :p

With Unix desktops at least you have some serious modding capabilities and also a wide variety of desktop environments.

That’s why it’s “/c/desktops” and not “/c/windowsdesktops.” Windows isn’t the only non-Unix operating system, I might add.

this was an infiltration plot by windows users all along 😯


To be fair, I find it cringe worthy for all platforms. But I’m a grumpy old man.

You can only customize your desktop wallpaper on Windows, am I right ?

Wallpaper, icons, taskbar position, interface color, items on taskbar.

That is the entirety of the customization options with Windows 10.

You can do a lot more than that using things like UXTheme patchers and Rainmeter. Don’t get me wrong, using third-party patches and applications to extend Windows’ customization options is far from ideal, but you’re completely exaggerating just how limited customization on Windows actually is. I say this as someone who wouldn’t touch Windows with a 10 foot pole.

I was purposefully excluding shady third-party applications that can be used, yes. If you’re already using Windows, you probably shouldn’t be installing more of that bullshit.

Rainmeter isn’t shady at all, and it’s actually FOSS, but regardless I can’t imagine that someone using Windows would care about any that in the first place.

Rainmeter is the exception, yeah. Rainmeter is fine. But there are a TON of other shady ones.

Oh, most definitely. But, at least Windows can be heavily customized with one relatively safe method. (Well, perhaps even more than one, but I never really bothered to look that far into it myself.)

That’s enough for me.

The point is that there’s not much to show off there, is there?

Wow, that’s pretty limited. :o

“Here, look at my wild and crazy desktop! The taskbar is purple and on the left side! Also I have a cool wallpaper and no icons!”

I saw my friend customize the cmd shell too :v


Well customization isn’t as limited as you say, but most customization can only be done through third party applications, and if I were a windows user, I wouldn’t trust them.

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust them either.

and yet they’re all still i3wm-gaps

Share your BSOD’s

Finally! A place to show off my TempleOS configs.

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