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Brave is an open source browser which is on a mission fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while providing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Try brave now:

Hello everyone!

I have been a long time user of brave and have been using it since day 1. I have created a new community for people willing to join and existing brave users. Join us in a mission to fix the web! Brave Community

Why should I use brave browser vs firefox on linux or fennec/duckduckgo browsers on android?

Try Iceraven browser by the way, it’s the only one that supports custom extensions on Android.

I have been using fennec from f-droid but will definitely try iceraven. Thank you again for the suggestion!

say how is brave better as a privacy focused browser? is it better than librewolf?


Hi. I was a brave user, but after learning a few things, not anymore. What’s your opinion on the CEO?


i used brave as a secondary browser to ff for a while. i knew about eich at some point being involved in both mozilla and brave software, but didn’t know until recently that he is still CEO of brave. and in addition to opposing gay rights, also he has expressed his doubt in the legitimacy of the pandemic too. needless to say i use only ff and bromite (chromium fork for android) now. i couldn’t justify using software with a troubling history that has a perfectly fine substitute.


Yeah. I keep watching his twitter feed to see what he says from time to time. It’s sad that he made a great browser, but he’s kind of a not good guy.


not only a web browser but also created javascript! that’s extra painful to think about. :/

Yeah :/ It sucks that his browser is the only private browser with crypto at the moment.

Why would you want to have a crypto in your browser anyway?

score: -9

Based. Brave is bad, use GNU icecat

Or Librewolf, which is closer to mainline.


Can you explain what advantages Brave has, based on your experience?

No ads on Youtube (i.e., at least, without requiring an adblocker).

How is this better than using YouTube-dl?

For normies, … works just like chrome or firefox, without having to install any extensions / plugins, … there are no ads when watching the youtubes.

How is it better than using an adblocker?

You can use Gnome Web, or even Bromite in android if you’re a fan.

Going to look at bromite and chromium. Have used kiwi in the past.

There’s already ! Rather dead, but dead communities can be requested over at !

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