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<strong>Welcome to TILvids</strong> <a href=“https://tilvids.com”>TILvids</a> is a video community focused on edutainment content. The goal is to deliver interesting videos that you might not otherwise see. Some other important information: - We do not have video ads, but are <a href=“https://www.patreon.com/tilvids”>funded by donations</a>. - We put a heavy emphasis on respecting the data privacy of our users, and building a healthy relationship with content creators. - The site runs on the fantastic open-source <a href=“https://joinpeertube.org/”>PeerTube</a> ecosystem. - Feel free to join our community to receive daily “TILvids video of the day” posts, or to ask questions and contribute! <strong>Other Information</strong> - Visit <a href=“https://tilvids.com”>tilvids.com</a> to watch great videos! - Do you love Mastodon? <a href=“https://mstdn.social/@tilvids”>So do we</a>! - We’re on <a href=“https://twitter.com/tilvids”>Twitter</a> as well. - Check out our <a href=“https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/69da6d3a-b56b-4b22-800d-8eb1530f4394”>overview video</a>! - TILvids on mobile? <a href=“https://newpipe.schabi.org/”>There’s an app for that</a>! - Lots of additional information on our <a href=“https://tilvids.com/about/instance”>About page</a>.

tilvids is an awesome peertube instance and I’m a huge fan!

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