Well that didn’t take long, for the rules to become even more restrictive than the bastion of free speech that is Reddit. Should help adoption of the fledgling platform skyrocket.


If you want freeze peach you can go somewhere else.

No shit. So will the rest of the Internet except the four softy fascists who need an even safer space than Reddit.

The rules are “no bigotry”, “be respectful”, “no porn” and “no advertising”. If you can’t even follow those basic rules then no one on Lemmy actually wants you here.

Which is fortuitous, because no one outside of the aforementioned four softy fascists is going to want to be here on Lamer Reddit either.

Basically you just want a safe space where you can be a hateful prick?

Yep, that’s exactly what I said. Also, that’s not what the term “safe space” means, but I appreciate the cute “nuh uh, you are.” A for effort or something.

No NSFW content.



Right, wanted to change that to “no porn”. Fixed.

What would count as porn in this context? Technically porn would include not just sexual activity but anything primarily meant to cause arousal in at least some people.

I am be happy with a broad definition of porn (as in anything meant to be sexual) being banned honestly.


Yeah its a bit tricky and we will probably have to see on a case by case basis. My opinion is that non-sexual nudity is fine (we dont want to end up like Facebook and ban nipples or some bullshit like that).

Just to be clear, Lemmy’s definition of porn includes non-image sexual content right? I definitely think those should not be allowed either and many jurisdictions treat it as porn all the same.


Not sure, its something thats worth discussing. For me its not about legality, but mainly that I dont want to moderate that kind of stuff. I wouldnt consider simple nudity or erotic text as pornography so those would be fine by me.

At least ban the really gross stuff like sexualization of minors or other types of sexual exploitation/abuse.


Of course, but that’s also clearly covered under porn.

Those content can exist in forms other than images just to be clear, and all forms of them should be banned.

I think it’s a good start, but doesn’t cover all the harmful content. You should also add “no harassment of other users”, “no pedophilia”, “no stalking or doxxing” and “no advocating serious crime” just to name a few.


We were trying to keep it short, and not list every single bad thing because nobody is going to read that. The things you mentioned are definitely not allowed, and are probably covered by “be respectful”.

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