is that you reddit?


Did you ever determine if it was a denial of service attack or just an influx from Hacker News (hi!)


Seemed to be a combination, we don’t have any major monitoring set up, but looking at our nginx logs, it was 55k requests in a short period of time. We posted to reddit a few weeks ago and hit the front page of some linux / OSS related subs, but the server held up fine.

Luckily adding an nginx rate limiter fixed most of the issues, as the problem wasn’t with rust, but with some clients w/o caching (IE bots of some kind), requesting all the files constantly.

Just gotta say that I really appreciate the work you are doing

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put the whole site behind Cloudflare?

that would be a horrible idea (i’m hoping it’s just a weirdly framed joke…)

Why is it a horrible idea?

Try browsing the web using Tor or a VPN. You will spend the day doing Google recaptchas for like 90% of the websites you visit, I guarantee it. All thanks to Cloudflare. Recaptchas are also an issue in itself, because what solving recaptchas does is it teaches Google’s AI to better perform at image recognition without the user’s consent, but this is never pointed out to the user. Users are basically doing Google’s work for them without even knowing it.

Then there was the whole Cloudbleed fiasco. Private messages, credit card info, passwords, etc. All kinds of stuff was leaked online, which was not a good look.

Then there’s their uptime. It’s not great. How many times have you seen this image? Your PC’s fine, the website you’re trying to reach is fine, but Cloudflare is down. Thus, no website for you.

I’m sure there’s more, this is just off the top of my head. If Cloudflare is the answer, I’d rather have the problem, honestly.

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