New community: SpartanWeb

I created a subreddit to collect “spartan” websites. Now I want to continue with Lemmy instead…

PSA: Simplify your community display names

If you’re on version 0.9.0 of the Lemmy webclient, you may have noticed that the full display names for communities is now displayed everywhere, if the community has one. This is a new look Lemmy is trying, but for it to work well, display names should be short. If you have a display name on your co…

Just found out about Lemmy and immediately made a Dota 2 community!

I was using XMPP in the past and really like the idea of decentralization, also I really like Reddit but don’t like that it’s centralized, so today I was searching for fediverse analog of Reddit, and found Lemmy. I was kinda surprised there is no Dota 2 community here yet…

I saw some post were some people said they know how to speak Toki Pona so I decided to create a community!..

Testing for Lemmy Federation Release

After almost a year of hard work implementing ActivityPub support on Lemmy, it is finally done! Anything that works here on dev.lemmy.ml, also works over federation between different instances (with one notable exception, community mods have to be on the same instance as the community for now). …

I created a community to discuss LoFi :D

Lo-Fi has always been one of my most favorite genres, so I decided to create a community about it. It’s a place where you can talk about anything LoFi. Feel free to join!..

We’re an decentralized and international group of people who play different kinds of games online (ranging from Among Us to Minecraft, TF2, and more) to boardgames like Dixit, Pen and Paper RPGs and party games. …

I created a community for Cookie Clicker

Title, I don’t know if anyone here is into incremental games, but I am so maybe we could help each other out!..

I’ve been trying to kick-start a community on a niche that I really enjoy - computer history with an emphasis on the people involved, computing culture, narratives and whimsy. It’s kind of hard to define concisely. It’s not news, it’s not retrocomputing, and it doesn’t have to be about really old st…

Side Project Community !!

Join the new community sideprojects , share your awesome projects. could be a cli or full blown desktop app show it off …

hospital administration course

Mha ,Masters in Hospital Administration - recognized as one of the reputed & Leading colleges in Bangalore,Get a masters degree in hospital Administration from the best MHA college in Bangalore. Admissions are open for Mha,Hospital Administration Courses. …

Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

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