Thoughts on r/antiwork drama and implications for Lemmy
Looks like r/antiwork mods made the subreddit private in response to this post ![]( This fiasco highlights that such forums are vulnerable to the whims of a few individuals, and if those individuals can be subverted than the entire community can be destroyed. Reddit communities are effectively dictatorships where the mods cannot be held to account, recalled, or dismissed, even when community at large disagrees with them. This led me to think that Lemmy is currently vulnerable to the same problem. I'm wondering if it would make sense to brainstorm some ideas to address this vulnerability in the future. One idea could be to have an option to provide members of a community with the ability to hold elections or initiate recalls. This could be implemented as a special type post that allows community to vote, and if a sufficient portion of the community participates then a mod could be elected or recalled. This could be an opt in feature that would be toggled when the community is created, and would be outside the control of the mods from that point on. Maybe it's a dumb idea, but I figured it might be worth having a discussion on. []( [](

What is the worst thing your boss has ever done to you?
Basically, what your boss does (current or former) that you would call coercion. Things like serving food that is prepared in an unsafe manner, making you break laws with regard to environmental protection. Basically making you do things not by the book. Any other interpretation of the question is also fine :) Also things tha wouldn't fly if the workers wore the pants also applies.

Which firefox fork is the best choice for privacy?
So many options, so many opinions... I want to switch from Bromite to Firefox but I want it to be the last switch I have to do for a while.

If the death rate of smallpox is 30%, and apparently 'majority' of the Indigenous people there died from smallpox, how did their population decline by 90%?

How do you (easily) respect boundaries?
For me, trying to respect boundaries tires me out more. idk why. I struggled to respect boundaries as a child and early teenager. I think I still struggle to respect boundaries; but I am uncertain because I haven't talked to an acquaintance in 7 months. As a child and early teenager; I constantly hit on my female friends. (I don't know why.) * I keep looking at people's feet and it tires me. I don't know if I developed a foot fetish; or it's just a habitual behavior that I developed because I hate eye contact. --- I know that ignoring boundaries can cause health problems long term. --- My reasoning for this behavior: * I do get pressured by my parent to go to the store with them because, to me, they're ~40 and may struggle to transport groceries. * After 8 years age, I used to be pressured to go to church; but that stopped when I became a teenager. * I only hungout with a friend at home *once*. Usually I only have acquaintances. Maybe I have less experience with friendship. I think I feel pressured to go along with everything.

Advice on language learning for an old man
After getting fired by my corporate job, three weeks before my NYC sublet lease expired, I decided, hastily to run away. PR was the furthest I could get without worrying about working I went for it, and honestly, I love it! But...I need to learn Spanish, and idk if I'm too dumb or too old...but three years in and I can't do very much. I don't have many friends, I can't afford to live in the tourist zone (I wash dishes) so making friends without Spanish is near impossible. Any advice? Anyone my age that has mastered a foreign language? Any tips or ideas appreciated. Thanks!

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